3 Festival Must Haves | Beauty

This might be the last Festival related post…actually maybe I’ll post pics of my Festival experience…

Today, I bring to you, Beauty Must Haves. I thought of a couple things are PERFECT for festivals that you may forget.

Read below and comment any beauty items you would bring.

one. BB Cream

You don’t have time to apply foundation…unless you make the time. BB cream is perfect for having some light, maybe even medium coverage, having SPF and being something you can use your hands to rub on. Easy does it! And if you don’t bring BB cream, don’t forget the sunscreen!

two. Makeup Wipes

Instead of having to go to the bathroom to use your cleanser, you could be wiping it off as you’re falling asleep in your tent. These are also perfect for wiping off sweat, mud, or any messes during the day off of you. Probably my favorite thing to bring along!

three. Water Bottle

Not really a “beauty item,” but it will help with keeping you hydrated and thus making your skin glow. With all the things happening at a festival, you can easily become dehydrated. Bringing a water bottle will help you refill and not have to worry about remembering to purchase endless water.




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