5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

I had a great time at the music festival I went to last weekend.

But I was exhausted when I got back!

Here are 5 tips for recovering and getting back into the groove.

  1. Face Masks: I did two. And with every mask, I felt better, and my skin looked better.
  2. Sleep: Get as much as sleep as you can. You won’t regret it when you’re back at work and you get past lunchtime.
  3. Water: Hydrate. You probably are a little dehydrated, if not a lot, so drink a lot of water. Your body will thank you for the water and you’ll be able to pee the weekend away!
  4. Laundry: It’s going to suck…I mean I haven’t done it yet… But there is probably all kinds of stuff on your camping gear, your clothes are probably disgusting and your room/apartment/house is a mess. Throw it all in the washer and that will make for a much better week.
  5. Shower: I should have mentioned this one first, hah! Get in the shower now. I don’t know why you haven’t already.

Anything else you like to do post festival fun? Comment below.



One thought on “5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

  1. Super helpful tips haha! Especially the laundry one. Loved this entry and I’m looking forward to keepin up with your future posts!
Stop by sometime,
Mena | femmerewritten.com 🌷🌿


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