5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

I had a great time at the music festival I went to last weekend. But I was exhausted when I got back! Here are 5 tips for recovering and getting back into the groove. Face Masks: I did two. And with every mask, I felt better, and my skin looked better. Sleep: Get as much as … Continue reading 5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

3 Summer Activities | Lifestyle

The weather has been beautiful! (In Denver, LA, DC) (Somewhat in New York) I have been loving outdoor activities. Right now, I'm even planning my weekend. So many things to do, but deciding between them is the toughie. Breweries - games, seating, food trucks, and beer (if you're into that sort of thing). There's also … Continue reading 3 Summer Activities | Lifestyle

5 Work Trip Tips | Travel

I travel often. That's probably an understatement. What you'll learn from all this travel is hacks, tips and tricks for making those short or long business trips more bearable! I decided to share the wealth with these tips. Let me know if you want me to share more. And please comment your tips! Pick a … Continue reading 5 Work Trip Tips | Travel

Airplane Seat Tricks | Lifestyle

I met an interesting man on my last flight home last week. This was a Southwest flight- on Southwest flights, you get a boarding plane number and you board in order based on your number. This is all due to when you check in. A bit of anxiety 24 hours prior but if you end … Continue reading Airplane Seat Tricks | Lifestyle

January Music Picks | 2017

January. 2017. Over? Where is the time going? I still have to jot down my resolutions or at least my 2017 goals. Anyone in that boat with me? Anyways, here's my 5 picks for January: The Drum - The Fountain of Youth Let Me Love You - Ne Yo The Simple Things - Michael Carreon Airplanes - … Continue reading January Music Picks | 2017

New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Hold Up. It's almost New Year's. Besides the stress of figuring out what exactly you're going to do; house party, chill at home, concert, event, etc. You also have to figure out what to wear... There are so many ways you can tackle this. I, myself, am still trying to figure out. Links for all … Continue reading New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Fall Check List | 2016

Fall is such a wonderful season. I love it; the leaves, the weather, the clothes, the smell, the desserts, the holidays (hellooooo Halloween), the activities, etc I decided to put together of my favorite fall activities. Now, you can remember all the Fall check list items you need to do. Check them off! Comment the … Continue reading Fall Check List | 2016