Veggie & Potato Ratatouille | Food

Last night for dinner, I was scrambling to come up with dinner ideas with the ingredients we had at hand at home. My friends came up with Ratatouille. One of which, REALLY, wanted it. I've never made it before but decided to get creative and give it a shot! This ended up being so good. … Continue reading Veggie & Potato Ratatouille | Food

Harissa Hummus Toast | Food

Latest I've had multiple slices of toast and a large amount of hummus and harissa today. I'm not complaining. This is so good, it's addicting. Get ready to spend less than 5 minutes to have a mouth watering explosion in your mouth. Harissa Hummus Toast Time: 5 minutes Servings: 1 Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of … Continue reading Harissa Hummus Toast | Food

5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

I had a great time at the music festival I went to last weekend. But I was exhausted when I got back! Here are 5 tips for recovering and getting back into the groove. Face Masks: I did two. And with every mask, I felt better, and my skin looked better. Sleep: Get as much as … Continue reading 5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

3 Festival Must Haves | Beauty

This might be the last Festival related post...actually maybe I'll post pics of my Festival experience... Today, I bring to you, Beauty Must Haves. I thought of a couple things are PERFECT for festivals that you may forget. Read below and comment any beauty items you would bring. one. BB Cream You don't have time to … Continue reading 3 Festival Must Haves | Beauty

Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

I can't wait to go to my first festival of the year! I just realized that it's coming up quick! With that, I started figuring out what I was going to bring with me. Check it out below, and comment any things you would bring!   Festival Packing by desiretosmile featuring beach dresses Beach dress … Continue reading Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Festival season is in full force. And I'm eager to go to one in the next couple weeks. Because of this, I have started to figure out what I am going to be bringing with me and packing. Below, I share 5 of the things I know I have to bring...there may be a part … Continue reading 5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Death by Chocolate cake. Where do I begin? Apparently, Donald Trump mentioned eating a perfect chocolate cake during an interview? Anyway, that happened and then I guess chocolate cake was on everyones mind...a perfect chocolate cake. When I say a chocolate cake, I mean a chocolate chocolate cake with all the chocolate works. Therefore, Death … Continue reading Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert