5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

I had a great time at the music festival I went to last weekend. But I was exhausted when I got back! Here are 5 tips for recovering and getting back into the groove. Face Masks: I did two. And with every mask, I felt better, and my skin looked better. Sleep: Get as much as … Continue reading 5 Post Festival Recovery Tips

3 Festival Must Haves | Beauty

This might be the last Festival related post...actually maybe I'll post pics of my Festival experience... Today, I bring to you, Beauty Must Haves. I thought of a couple things are PERFECT for festivals that you may forget. Read below and comment any beauty items you would bring. one. BB Cream You don't have time to … Continue reading 3 Festival Must Haves | Beauty

Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

I can't wait to go to my first festival of the year! I just realized that it's coming up quick! With that, I started figuring out what I was going to bring with me. Check it out below, and comment any things you would bring!   Festival Packing by desiretosmile featuring beach dresses Beach dress … Continue reading Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Festival season is in full force. And I'm eager to go to one in the next couple weeks. Because of this, I have started to figure out what I am going to be bringing with me and packing. Below, I share 5 of the things I know I have to bring...there may be a part … Continue reading 5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Death by Chocolate cake. Where do I begin? Apparently, Donald Trump mentioned eating a perfect chocolate cake during an interview? Anyway, that happened and then I guess chocolate cake was on everyones mind...a perfect chocolate cake. When I say a chocolate cake, I mean a chocolate chocolate cake with all the chocolate works. Therefore, Death … Continue reading Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Meatball Monday: Curry & Dill | Cooking

Happy Monday! Err, Happy It-Can-Only-Go-UpHill! Tonight, I'm making some meatballs, with a twist. These taste light, have a nice kick and my dips just make me not want to stop eating these meatballs! It's always fun being creative playing around with ingredients to make a staple dish, so different. This time around I used curry paste and dill … Continue reading Meatball Monday: Curry & Dill | Cooking

Monarch Mountain | Colorado

Happy May, everyone! I can't believe we're already 5 months into 2017...where is this time going! A couple of weeks ago, I went up to Monarch Mountain in Colorado. It was a beautiful drive through small towns, lots of mountains, rain, snow and sunshine! A weekend in a cabin house was so nice, and so … Continue reading Monarch Mountain | Colorado