Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

I can't wait to go to my first festival of the year! I just realized that it's coming up quick! With that, I started figuring out what I was going to bring with me. Check it out below, and comment any things you would bring!   Festival Packing by desiretosmile featuring beach dresses Beach dress … Continue reading Festival Pack with Me | Fashion

5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Festival season is in full force. And I'm eager to go to one in the next couple weeks. Because of this, I have started to figure out what I am going to be bringing with me and packing. Below, I share 5 of the things I know I have to bring...there may be a part … Continue reading 5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Hold Up. It's almost New Year's. Besides the stress of figuring out what exactly you're going to do; house party, chill at home, concert, event, etc. You also have to figure out what to wear... There are so many ways you can tackle this. I, myself, am still trying to figure out. Links for all … Continue reading New Year’s Outfit Ideas

Regal Gold | Fashion

This is so gorgeous. But I need an occasion to wear it! Hopefully, you can put this fashion inspiration to use. Light tank + mini skirt + fun heels + pop of color and geometric design of a clutch = winner A couple of my favorite things about this: Beaded heels This skirt is $37....!!!!! … Continue reading Regal Gold | Fashion

25 Wedding Guest | Wedding Fashion

Weddings weddings weddings! It's an excuse to dress fancy, get catered food, take tons of pictures, get all romantic, and party all night! I am going to a wedding soon so thought I would share some dresses (and some rompers!) I found - affordable and cute! - that maybe you would like (for a wedding … Continue reading 25 Wedding Guest | Wedding Fashion

Body Suit it Up | Fashion

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.. Body suits are under-rated. I wore this little number this past weekend and it was H.O.T. Put a cute button skirt on this suit with either tie flats or wedges and a choker and you're done! Details below.     Body Suit it Up by desiretosmile featuring a-line skirts Theory a … Continue reading Body Suit it Up | Fashion

End of Summer Party | Fashion

It's the end of summer. 😦 Although I am excited for fall- the weather, the leaves, halloween, the booties, the sweaters, etc It is time to celebrate- grab your friends and have an end of summer party! That's what I am doing. Here is an option for what you could wear! Details below.     … Continue reading End of Summer Party | Fashion