Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Death by Chocolate cake. Where do I begin? Apparently, Donald Trump mentioned eating a perfect chocolate cake during an interview? Anyway, that happened and then I guess chocolate cake was on everyones mind...a perfect chocolate cake. When I say a chocolate cake, I mean a chocolate chocolate cake with all the chocolate works. Therefore, Death … Continue reading Death by Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | Dessert

Frosting is so easy to make! Yet, we are always so tempted to buy those cans in stores. What's worse is 1 can is NEVER enough. Well this stops now. Here is an easy chocolate buttercream frosting recipe for might be licking it all out of the bowl. Let me know if you want … Continue reading Chocolate Buttercream Frosting | Dessert

Fluffy Simple Pancakes | Food

I woke feeling like I needed pancakes. Not any old pancakes, fluffy, not too sweet, mouth watering pancakes. Within the hour, I had made, cooked and eaten the pancakes...with leftovers for the next day!

Simple Chocolate Cake | Dessert

My dad has been itching for a chocolate cake. Like a solid chocolate CHOCOLATE cake. So here it is, the basic start to a fabulous chocolate cake. Look no further for a simple chocolate cake. A good base for a layered cake. I'll be posting a Death by Chocolate cake recipe soon. This will include … Continue reading Simple Chocolate Cake | Dessert

Orange Sponge Cake | Food

I love baking. Last Friday I decided to whip up a birthday cake. I decided on an orange sponge cake with a chocolate icing. This recipe is adapted from a recipe I found on All Recipes. This cake ended up being so fluffy and soft and delish! I added a dark chocolate icing. Orange Sponge Cake Prep … Continue reading Orange Sponge Cake | Food