5 Festival Must Haves | Fashion

Festival season is in full force.

And I’m eager to go to one in the next couple weeks. Because of this, I have started to figure out what I am going to be bringing with me and packing.

Below, I share 5 of the things I know I have to bring…there may be a part 2 coming your way!

one. Chokers

Chokers make a simple outfit pop. They’re also in style right now and come in all kinds of designs, colors, etc.

Check out Urban, H&M, Forever 21 or even Amazon!

two. Fanny Pack

With the running around between stages and leaving your camp site, you need a nice way to keep a hold of you belongs. A purse would also work but a fanny pack will stay on, you won’t have to remember to grab it.

You can get crazy cool fanny packs that iridescent which is perfect for a festival!

three. Sweater

It does get cool during the evening, so definitely remember bringing a sweater or a cardigan. Getting sick is not part of the festival schedule!

four. Crop Tops/ Muscle Tees

Festival clothes look stylish but you also want to be comfy…you’ll be in them all day in the sun. Crop tops and muscle tees can be elevated depending on how you style them but are comfortable to wear.

five. Shades

In the sun or the morning after, you’re going to wish you had sunglasses.

six. Camera

Pack a camera, or use your phone. But you’ll want to snap some pics for the memories. Polaroids would be sweet too.

seven. Snacks

I don’t know about you but I always have snacks, just in case. Festivals are no exception. I’ll be packing a couple granola bars, maybe some trail mix, so if I need food, I’ll have it.

I think I want to do another festival post maybe a packing list or some fashion finds for festivals.

Let me know what you would/are bringing!





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