5 Things for the Weekend

I am so ready for the weekend. It might as well be Friday because I am so in the weekend mindset…can I please work from home tomorrow?

As I am prepping and getting more amped up for the weekend, I figured I would list off 5 things you should plan for this weekend:

  • Chill Out.

Maybe that means binge watching on Netflix. Maybe that means venting to friends about that coworker, or your boss, or the fact that you hate your job. Maybe that means sipping some wine. Or pounding some shots. Or gaming all night.

  • Dance the Night Away

I can’t wait to dance, dance, dance! Then, eat tacos. TREAT YO SELF. Let yourself go, have fun, and wrap it up with some food.

  • Read

Were you not expecting this one? Picture this: Saturday morning, huge coffee or tea, cuddled up inside or hanging in a fire escape/balcony/porch/grass and reading a book or a magazine or an article or a newspaper.

  • Laundry

Yeah, I’m sorry. But if you accept it NOW, then maybe Sunday won’t be as terrible? Pick a hour to get all your chores done and then go, go, go!

  • Morning Coffee or Brunch

Yes to coffee. Yes to tea. And 100% yes to brunch. I am so happy brunch is a thing.

What are you exciting plans ideas?



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