Fall Check List | 2016

Fall is such a wonderful season. I love it; the leaves, the weather, the clothes, the smell, the desserts, the holidays (hellooooo Halloween), the activities, etc

I decided to put together of my favorite fall activities. Now, you can remember all the Fall check list items you need to do. Check them off! Comment the ones I missed below, or any family favorites.

  1. Apple Picking – then make an apple pie, or apple sauce, or candied apples (or just eat the apples haha)
  2. Pumpkin Picking – followed by…
  3. Pumpkin Carving! – Have a competition, or drink some apple cider while hosting a pumpkin carving party
  4. Go to the parks – the beautiful weather and outside is best enjoyed right now
  5. Halloween! – Get ready to dress up, or trick or treat, or host a party, or go out, or give out the best treats (be the good house!)
  6. Get ready for Thanksgiving – is your thanksgiving cooking ready for action??
  7. Black Friday – get your hustle on
  8. All the sweaters, all the shopping to get ready for winter!
  9. Pack your summer clothes away
  10. Jumping in fall leaves
  11. Or admiring said leaves
  12. All the pumpkin drinks and desserts
  13. Have a picnic
  14. Eggnog
  15. Hot Chocolate
  16. Weekend Getaway
  17. Elections

Peace & Love,


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