Lazy Costumes | Halloween 2016

Wow, halloween really crept up this year.

That meant 24 hours of angst and craziness trying to a) think of an idea, b) come up with what I need for the costume, and c) buy said items.

Because I am now experienced in coming up with last minute costumes, I decided to give you a list of some ideas. And please, write your last minute, lazy, go to halloween ideas below. I might need another one this weekend! Help a girl out!

Okay, let’s go:

  1. A leopard – haha, so it’s not the cliche cat costume (but hey, you can always be a cat!), it’s different, but so easy. Black and white leopard print, and some ears…you could do a tail if you really want to impress me.
  2. A deer – these are not all animal ideas, but deer ears, deer makeup and brown clothes. It’s cute and easy. It’s awesome if you’re into doing makeup since this is a mostly face look.
  3. Minnie or Mickey Mouse – Legit. People will think you’re clever and you creative. And you will be thinking all I did was put on ears, a nose and wore stuff from my closet that I already had.
  4. Scooby Doo character– right? Probably articles of clothing you already have that all you have to do is layer. (They don’t have the BEST fashion taste)
  5. D.W. or Arthur – or anyone from Arthur. Easy Peasy. And brings on the nostalgia. And ridiculously easy.
  6. House – Omg, gold, right? Especially if you’re a big fan. House is actually on right now, he is wearing a white striped blouse, a black jacket, jeans and his cane. Do I even need to buy anything? Okay…maybe the cane.
  7. A boxer – Got a sports bra? Got some spandex? Got a robe? You got the basics. You can spice it up too with some gloves.
  8. Alice in Wonderland – blue dress, white apron, white socks, blonde wig, if you don’t have blonde hair
  9. God/Goddess – Bringing back college and them togas.
  10. Princess Peach – Pink dress, heels, crown? Done?
  11. Ms. Frizzle – My friend took a dress, cut some shapes and glued them on. And she looks awesome!

All right, I am done. I now need to reconsider my costume idea…

Peace & Love,


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