5 Work Trip Tips | Travel

I travel often.

That’s probably an understatement.

What you’ll learn from all this travel is hacks, tips and tricks for making those short or long business trips more bearable! I decided to share the wealth with these tips.

Let me know if you want me to share more. And please comment your tips!

  1. Pick a neutral bottom (think black pants, grey skirt, etc). Start off with that base and then pick a couple (depending on how long your trip is) tops that go with it. What I’ll do is grab a black skirt and black pants, then pick a couple tops that would go with either of those bottoms, or even better: both the skirt and pants. Something you could go by is: tops = # of work days, bottoms = 1 or 2 neutral bottoms.
  2. Carry On. Always carry on. The last thing you want to do when you’re traveling for work is wait around for your checked bag when you just want to go to the hotel and lay down or finally go home to your bed. Now, if you’re gone for over a week, then I would maybe check a bag.
  3. For the airplane…I should really make a post dedicated to airplane hacks. But for now: bring headphones. Some airlines do not have them or make you buy them. On the same topic of entertainment: bring something to read, watch, listen, eat or a pillow. Some flights have entertainment, but others…do not. And make sure those things are charged or loaded prior to your flight day.
  4. Pick an airline, a hotel chain, a car company, etc. Then you can save up points and rewards. Eventually, you’ll be able to redeem them!
  5. Finally, before you travel, clean up! The dishes, the fridge, all the vacuuming, etc. You never know how long you’ll be gone and when you do get back, you won’t want to clean up messes, smells or do the bed.

Those were 5 quick business travel tips. I have a lot more, so maybe I’ll go ahead and put together another list for next week.



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