What to get your LADY for Valentine’s Day

What should you get your girlfriend/fiancé/wife/girl friend? I have someone here to help! Guest blogger – not really, just my bf – and his thoughts:

fyi  this is all “on the spot” documentation of what he said with my comments in red:

“So, the most important thing to consider for your girlfriend or your lady for Valentine’s Day is what will get you laid: (oh boy)

a) sexy underwear: this is a popular gift but regularly misused: will it get you laid or will it land you in the dog house

b) you’ll be better off with some sensual candles and once you’ve sealed the deal, bust out the sexy underwear

c) second (it’s actually third, hon), oh third, when dealing with the “ladies,” umm remember chocolate is king. If you tingle their taste buds, they’ll be sure to return the favor. (him: “that one was pretty bad”)

d) last but not least, women are suckers for…(5 minutes later)…romantic dinner dates accompanied with a night out at the theatre (never been to the theatre with him) with a swanky reservation with a fine restaurraaante. (where did this accent come from?) ”

My thoughts?

If she’s laid back, just give her something thoughtful: a homemade card, her pick of what movie to watch that night, a massage, some chocolate

If she’s a romantic or super into the holiday, give her the works: chocolate, flowers, a stuffed SOFT animal, jewerly, a cute date, a cute gift she would like, etc (no, do not get her ALL of this, what are you freaking going to buy her for her birthday then!?)

What are your ideas?

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