Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

What a weekend! One of the best summer weekends was spent here in Horsetooth.

Horsetooth Reservoir is a huge basin of water, six and one half miles to be exact. You can fish, boat, rock climb, swim, picnic, hike, the list goes on. It is lcoated north of Denver and west of Fort Collins, at an elevation of 5,420 ft. There are so many hiking trails and they range from easier to hard, which is nice, you can pick your poison. And the views….speechless. Tip: bring lots of water!

Best part: the feeling after you finish hiking.

Other best part: looking up to the sea of stars and sky in the hammock before falling asleep in the cool air

Not so best part: Returning to reality and saying goodbye 😦

There was lots of hiking, hammock sleeping at night, sitting outside in the wrap around porch, watching hummingbirds fly in and out to get some of the sugary water, playing with the dog and lots of walks in the middle of trees, grass, and deer!

Enjoy the pictures!









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