Birthday | 2016

2015 was quite the year.

As my birthday is coming up, I wanted to share a couple moments, achievements, thoughts and bucket list items from my last year. I also want to think of what I am looking forward or what is now on my 2016 bucket list.


  • Moved. Twice. I moved pretty much with no thoughts. Best decision ever. I got to travel. I got to meet so many people. I got to experience quite the summer full of camping, sports, concerts, parties, too many parties, being spontaneous, being adventurous, opening my heart and my home to people, love, heartbreak, more love, etc. I am speechless. I changed? I learned so much. I fell in love. I did things I haven’t done before. I made friends. Friends I still keep in touch with. I did all the moving stuff by myself. I grew. I followed my heart. Or my curious mind.
  • Work Opportunity. Wow! I did stuff. Important stuff. Massive amount of work. Got physically, mentally and emotionally drained. I worked my butt off and learned an incredible amount. And think I found a new option for what to do next. I made people proud. I made MYSELF proud. I am SPEECHLESS because I CONQUERED and kicked ASS. And good job, you!
  • Love. Friends and a boy. You keep growing, and you can keep making new friends. And as for the boy, it was a random, cliche, romantic chick flick moment that grew to be something more. In one night. And it was surreal. Surreal is the only thing to say.
  • Travel. I got to do massive amounts of traveling which I am so grateful for. I got to go to:
    • All over Colorado
    • LA
    • San Francisco
    • PA
    • Chicago (for a layover lol, but I’ve been here and loved it!)
    • Seattle (oh wait- didn’t go there the day of because of a boy -.- jk <3)
    • Boston
  • Adventures. Some great moments:
    • Cliff jumping
    • 12 hour Reggae Festival
    • All the parties
    • San Fran to see my bestie
    • Friends came to visit in NYC
    • BF came to visit Christmas time in NYC
    • Sister graduated
    • Job offers
    • Kicking butt at work
    • Getting super into yoga and fitting into my schedule weekly!
    • Starting to read more often with my kindle present (Pushed for so long because I like books I can hold)
    • All the polaroid pictures I took
    • Paint-balling
    • White water rafting
    • Cabin house weekend
    • Camping in the wilderness and playing soccer with kids
    • Hot tubbing at 4am


  • What is the next work move? Eeeek. In a couple months, I will have to make a work decision that will change things. Oh boy. My heart is actually racing right now just thinking about it.
  • Travel. I have a couple trips already planned and I’m so excited! I am finally taking a vacation too. So happy. Places I want to go to this year:
    • Vegas, NV
    • Denver, CO (again!)
    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Rochester, NY (again?)
    • Seattle, WA
    • New Orleans, LA
    • Boston, MA (again!)
    • Portland, OR (possibly?)
    • Miami, FL (maybe?)
    • Road trip out west!
  • Be Happy. Don’t let anyone bring me down. Be at peace.
  • Yoga. Mediate. Work out.
  • Read, read, read.
  • Love. Don’t be scared.
  • Follow Your Heart. Everything happens for a reason. Just go with it. Don’t think too much.

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