Pack with Me: Mountain Weekend – Beauty Musts

Yesterday, I did a pack with me fashion post for a long weekend in the mountains. I shared some fashion packing items and tips. Feel free to check it out!

Today, I decided to do a pack with me – beauty edition. I will be sharing not just what things you should pack but the products I will be packing.

Here’s the list:

  1. Sunscreen – so important and so easily forgotten, this one is pretty sheer, lightweight and easy peasy
  2. Primer – I actually like to just wear the primer by itself not skip foundation and BB cream all together but to each its own. This one is great! I’ve also recently started using this new product, it’s called a radiance primer? By Maybelline?
  3. Foundation/BB Cream – Take your pick based on what you’ll be doing and what works for you. The FIT foundation is pretty grand, and I’ll probably grab one of the drugstore BB creams I have (they’re all pretty good!)
  4. Lip products – chapstick is perfect for all. You can also pack some Revlon Mattes, the Melted by Too Faced, or Colourpop (Topanga is one of my favorites!)
  5. Mascara – Benefit’s Roller Lash and Better than Sex = gold
  6. Concealer – Hello Nars Creamy Concealer and Maybelline Eraser. Perfection.
  7. Eyeshadow – I really don’t want to pack a palette, for the reason that the two colors I want are not in the same one…so I was thinking of just grabbing one of the neutral Colourpop pots I have. Do you have the perfect travel palette? Tell me!
  8. Hair Mousse – this is what’s been working with me, and the Tressemme one is super holding, super not sticky or firming and comes in a travel size! I would also pack a curler, straightener, dry shampoo, gel, hairspray and/or hair protectant. All depends on what hair styles you’re going for.

Details on the products below:


weekend away makeup


Face moisturizer

Neutrogena sun care

Benefit mascara

Thickening mascara
$25 –

Maybelline face makeup
$12 –

Maybelline concealer
$10 –

Revlon lipstick

Revlon lipstick

Nars cosmetic
$30 –

Hype Girl

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