Day Hike | Fashion

Hiking is so much fun! I wanted to put together a couple of my favorite things to wear while hiking…actually looking at so many sneakers has got me starting to think about a new pair! Ahh, do you have any favorite sneakers? I am still using a pair of minimalist sneakers I got 4 years ago…it might be time for a new pair.

A couple of essentials:

  1. Water!
  2. Sunblock – so important!
  3. Comfortable shoes- they need to fit properly and they need to be durable for hiking
  4. Shorts/Tank tops/Sports bras – let yourself breathe while hiking
  5. Hat – get the sun out of your face

Things I love using:

  1. I love carrying a hiking day pack with the water feature, so much easier than carrying water bottles.
  2. Sunglasses
  3. A treat for when you make it to the top – whatever you prefer!

What are your go – to’s?

Details on the things chosen are below:


Day Hike


Under armour sportswear

Dream seek shoes

Nike footwear
$96 –

Dot Bo glass stopper

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