Women’s March | January 21, 2017

Last week, I was able to attend the Women’s March in Denver, Coloardo.

I went into it not really knowing what to expect or expecting much. However, I was speechless. It was a day of community, friendship, kindness, and unity.

That morning, I woke up feeling like I was obligated to go since I had promised my friends. I felt like I needed to go or else feel the wrath of my friends. How could she skip out on it because she stayed out late knowing this was today? I didn’t want to let them down…even though I really wanted to sleep. But I woke up, made my other friend get up, and went to the march.

After the march, we walked a couple miles to lunch. During that walk, it was a moment of reflection for me. A couple hours out of your day. For what? Yes, to act on your freedom of speech rights. But for me, it was a couple hours of togetherness between women and men, girls and boys, of all ages. I felt a part of something.

There were people of all ages, there were people using canes, in wheelchairs and even a girl with a broken girl being wheeled around. One of my friends saw that and said we should send a picture of that to our other friend (who give in to her laziness and did not show up) as a way of asking her, “what is your excuse?”

What is your excuse to march or not to march? This is the chance to let your voice be heard and be in the companionship of other humans. Of your community. This is your chance to support your friends who are having trouble letting their voice, their side, their story be heard. This day was not about me. This day was about us, and all the strangers I met and all their stories.

The best message from today was from a couple older women, all different, all throughout the day; it basically was “Am I STILL fighting for this” or “Are you kidding me?” Right. Women have been fighting and fighting and FIGHTING for their rights for YEARS. This isn’t new. This isn’t a revelation. This is old news. And how can it be old news?!

Why are women FIGHTING for their rights?

I took lots of pictures; there were some great passion, witty posters, and strong women at the march. Hopefully, the pictures can attempt to reflect at least 10% of that.




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