Relaxing Night In | Lifestyle Tips

Hey guys!

This weekend, I really wanted to use one night to stay in and relax. I had the best night. So, I decided to give a couple pieces of advice and tips for a relaxing night in.

  • Tea time; This is the perfect night to cuddle up to a cup (or multiple cups) of tea. A nice detox tea, peppermint tea or even a herbal tea are good choices.
  • Comfy clothes; maybe it’s a onesie, a t-shirt, or a big sweater.
  • Any pampering should take place; I can make a different post on this but face masks, baths and painting your nails will make you feel great.
  • A hobby you enjoy; maybe binge watching Netflix, maybe it’s reading a book, scrapbooking, cooking, baking, reading blogs, looking up fashion trends, writing, etc Whatever it is, this is the night you can just focus on that hobby and have piece.
  • Kick your feet up; lay down and actually have some time for your body to relax.
  • Go to bed early! A good night’s rest might be what your whole week was missing. I’ll tell you one thing; you wake up early, refreshed and ready to conquer that day.
  • Light cleaning, surprisingly, might make you feel more at peace and make you more relaxed to actually do the things you love. (Or that might just be me!)
  • Plan out the rest of your weekend and week. Now, you know how the rest of the week will play out and you can actually not feel bad about “taking a day off!”

Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you guys like to do to relax!

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