Ways to Start the Week on the Right Foot | Lifestyle Tips

Monday’s are….Monday’s. You’re either anxious, cranky, grumpy, tired or not getting out of bed.

But there are ways to make them more bearable, to make you feel ready, calm and motivated.

Read below for the tips. Comment your tips as well!

Happy Monday!

Slow down on Sunday: Make time for chores, chilling, meditate perhaps and think ahead to the week.
Meal Prep: I started committing to doing this and it’s been so nice on many levels.
  • You know exactly what to buy from the grocery store, no need to stock up on everything and only use a little
  • You don’t have to buy lunch, especially when you would rather eat that Shepherd’s Pie you could have made
  • You spend 1-2 hours on Sunday, then you don’t have to spend any other time the rest of the week
  • You don’t have to make decisions on what to eat, you already figured it out
Plan it out: I use this time to plan the week in my planner; events that are happening, my to do list, my grocery list, bills that need to be made, classes I want to take and specific time
Pack your bag
Wake up early on Monday
Make time for a cup of coffee or tea
Be optimistic; Monday’s suck so just go into it with a positive outlook
If all else fails, day’s almost over 😉

One thought on “Ways to Start the Week on the Right Foot | Lifestyle Tips

  1. I don’t always do this, but it is so much easier to pick out clothes and lay them out the night before. I’m tired and cranky Monday mornings so one less thing to think about is always a plus.


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