Packing Tips | Tropical Vacation

I will be finally going on vacation in 2 weeks! I. am. so. pumped. I am going to Mexico; which means water, sun and lots of drinks!

That also means packing. I’ve come up with my essentials for a hot vacation. I mean hot as in temperature, but you know..


  • Swim suits!

Obviously. Now I miiiight pack too many but you definitely need a couple (depending on how long you are staying). Honestly, two is your best bet, that way you always have a dry pair to wear and you can alternate! I’m loving fun, bright colors in my suits. Coral, floral, white, teal…

  • Sunblock

I really hope I don’t forget this. Very important.

  • Sunglasses

All the shades. This is exactly what you need if you’re sitting in the sun all day.

  • Hat

Like the sunglasses, you need a hat to help ward the sun from your face and make you red or spotty or SUNBURNT.

  • Sandals

Yay for all the strappy and lightweight sandals you can throw on.

  • Small bag

Perfect for the bare essentials when you’re chilling.

  • Pampering essentials

Vacations are perfect times for baths, face masks and pampering yourself.

  • Good playlist

You’re going to need some gnarly music.

  • Book

Pack a good book or a magazine to read as you relax.

  • Hiking shoes

If you’re going to try and take a trek, pack some proper footwear!

  • Cover Up

Cute cover up to throw on to get some food, or a drink, or just look adorable in.

  • Dresses, Rompers, Shorts, Crop Tops

Basically all the cute clothes you couldn’t wear in the winter that you definitely can wear on vacation.

What is on your list of must haves for a tropical vacation?


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