April Favorites | 2016

I thought I would share some of my favorite moments and things from April! I would love to hear yours, comment below!:)


  1. Home to spend time with family and friends
  2. Vegas with the girls; lots of dancing, fun-crazy-wild moments and people, and BRITNEY SPEARS


  1. Britney Spears

TV Shows

  1. Quantico – so much action and such a great way to present a show: each episode is deprived of switching between past and future and they correlate, each episode is one day-ish at a time
  2. Gilmore Girls – on Netflix
  3. Limitless – season finale was amazing. I want to restart the whole season now
  4. Scorpion – love this show. Reminds me of Numb3rs.


  1. Inside Out – wow, this actually got me emotional
  2. The last Hunger Games – I was more scared than usual for some reason, it’s intense but good!


  1. Packing cubes – these were so helpful with all my traveling recently. It made for very quick changing, organizing, and packing at the end of the trip. Love it!
  2. Colorful-mismatched bikinis – I had a post with some favorite swimsuits recently, but I have been loving wearing coral, green, white, pink bikinis.
  3. Nipple covers – So helpful, it’s definitely weird but it so nice to cover those babies up and not worry about bras or bra lines!

Books Read

  1. Warrior of the Light – Paulo Coelho : Great wisdom, book is comprised of short readings towards one idea at a time

What are your favorites and recommendations?


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