Mother’s Day 2016 | Gifts Ideas

Mother’s day is upon us and if you are still looking or just remembered to get a gift, here are some ideas for you!

Ideas and specific products are linked below.

Tell me what you’re getting your mom this year!

  1. For a spa type gift: find a face mask or grab a couple spa night worthy gifts and put them in a basket for a custom spa package!
face mask
I found this Hibiscus mask at Target. It sounds so unique and the jar looks pretty cool. Mask here 

2. A candle with a fresh new scent is also a great idea. Again, this can be something to add to another gift or a simple gift with flowers.

This candle tin looks sophisticated and the scent profile looks complex and refreshing. Perfect for spring! Bella Capri candle here Choose Happiness Candle here

3. A simple elegant necklace or earrings is a great feminine gift. I found this cool pendant at Target, but there were a couple other classic pieces I saw.

Pear Pendant. So adorable. You can find it here

4. For the yoga mom- you can’t have enough cute work-out clothes.

One of many prints/designs you can get for yoga pants. This pair is here

5. For the gardening mom- I would get pretty string lights for her to hang outside. It’ll give her garden and home a mystical look.

string lights.jpeg
String lights, so cute! They’re here

6. For a new mom- getting her one of those Boba wraps is essential. They’re adorable but so convenient to carry that little one around. You can get them in so many colors and designs too.

boba wrap
Boba wrap is here

7. For the baker or baker to be- you should definitely get a Kitchen Aid.

kitchen aid.jpeg
So many colors to choose from. This one is here

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