5 NYC Date Ideas

5 NYC Date Ideas

If you are living or visiting the city with a significant other (or even if you are not!), here are 5 fun and city dates you’ll have to try out!

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Prodigy Coffee

What are some of your date spots in NYC?

Roof Top Brunch at the Met: Wake up to the city, the skyscrapers and Central Park by eating on the roof top garden. Follow that up by a stroll through the MET to check our your favorite exhibits or the new exhibits. You can get lost in here for hours

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Walk through the cobble stones and stop by any number of bakeries serving fresh cookies, gelato, cupcakes or macarons. Walking hand in hand, indulging in sweets and being one in the city sounds like a chill way to get some exercise and some calories in!

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Picnic at Central Park sounds cliche but for a reason! Adventure through the intertwining paths, climb upon rocks, relax by the ponds, and find your way a patchy grass area to put down a blanket (or not), snack, lay down, people watch, and just be peaceful as the world moves around you. You can cook something together pre-adventure or stop by some local NYC shops to grab some dranks, an array of fruit, chocolate or some sandwiches/bagels. It is what you make it.

3d14a-12383222_1649037722016098_1041558748_nFire Escape-It-Away If you have a fire escape, all you need is a glorious day, a blanket, maybe some chairs, a couple brewskis, sweet jams and something to do. Maybe it’s a book, maybe a game, or maybe it’s a nap next to your sweetie. Or you can chat it up while watching the losers not on a fire escape but being all active.

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Local Hop. Say what? Walk it out. Just start walking in a direction you wouldn’t mind being the end goal. And stop at anything you find interesting. Make it what you want it to be- maybe it’s a bar hop and you try a new drink at bars you think look cool, maybe it’s a food hop and you share an array of snacks or maybe it’s a meal and you get a different course and a couple different places.


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