Ipsy | March 2017

The cutest little card “You are Beautiful” teamed with a big beauty bag came in March’s Ipsy package.

I love it.

Highlights would definitely be the Ipsy bag itself as well as the Eyeko’s Fat Brow Liner. I was pretty surprised at how well that brow liner worked – read more below.


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  • Ofra Cosmetics | Peach Blush
    • It’s a nice color and Ofra is a great brand. The only thing is it’s hard for me to take places and it’s bulky since I have to keep it in its packaging.
  • Eyeko | Fat Brow Liner
    • I am impressed. Super impressed. I didn’t even think this would work since it’s like a marker when you draw with it, so thought it would be streaky. I also didn’t think it would work since it was a Light to Medium whereas I need a Medium to Dark. However, this did the same work as me putting my usual brow powder. I approve! I’m still surprised at it too
  • Ladykin | Affinitic Snail Cream
    • This is a Korean brand face cream. And it has snail secretion which is supposed to be really good for the skin?!? Supposedly, it’s helps with damaged skin, making your skin smooth, hydrated and increase elasticity. More to come from when I try it. Oh! And it helps prevent water loss.
  • City Color Cosmetics | Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector
    • This is supposed to be a color corrector in peach for dark circles. It’s a thicker formula which I’m not sure if I personally like. I tried it but so far it doesn’t really cover my dark circles? I’ll have to get it a couple more go’s before I can confirm.
  •  Elizabeth Mott | Blending Brush
    • This is for eyeshadows to blend out powder or cream shadows in the crease or outer corners. Haven’t tried this one yet.

If you haven’t tried Ipsy yet, here is a referral code for you to get started: Ipsy Bag Subscription Here! It’s $10 a month for a cute bag (the pink one in the picture, actually pretty big which I love, and 5 skincare or beauty products after completing the online quiz!)

What did you get? Have you tried any of the above products- would love to hear your thoughts.



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